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The list of existing illegal brothels in the capital, which was compiled by the movement of citizens from the centre of Athens, is of particular interest.

Data provided to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court Ioannis Tentes illustrate the existing situation.

Women from Nigeria, who were blackmailed to come to Greece and threatened with voodoo magic from international trafficking networks, seek customers on "Evripidou" and "Sokratous" streets.

On the other hand in the Gazi neighbourhood, around the streets "Megalou Alexandrou", "Iera Odos", "Konstantinoupoleos", "Kassandras" and "Piraeus" more and more brothels are opening, calling themselves "studios".

We close one, then two new ones open", Nelly Papahela notes, adding that even when arrests are made, the detainees are released after several hours, because their offences are considered to be too general.

As a result, this creates a feeling of impunity and "nurseries" to facilitate trafficking generate around the brothels.

Of these, only about 40 percent were performed because of ambiguities in the law, which allows appeal of those orders if taken to court.I was born and raised in Taiwan, but have lived in Paris for the last 30 years. My name is Angeline and I am from Quezon City, Philippines.divorced, have two adult sons, both are computer engineers and independent. I joined to this social/dating site in hope that I would find the right guy for me. The "piazzas" are scattered throughout the centre of Athens, but recently the phenomenon has spread within a radius of about 1.5 kilometres from Omonia Square, in all directions, and it continues to grow steadily.The City of Athens said the state is not able to cope with the situation since the only thing it can do is to close the brothels with no permits.

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