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As to babies born in prison, both reports say women’s prisons must have proper care facilities available for these women and that prison administrators and staff should understand the special needs of these women.

When dealing with children in general, the IWCJ report says “the best interest of the children must be the main determining factor” as to whether a woman is imprisoned or another form of sanction is used, where they are imprisoned, and for how long.

What administrators are realizing is that although many of these issues and conditions are similar to those found in all-male prison facilities, female prisoners do have special needs that must be recognized and addressed. and European female prison facilities are these: Recommendations Both studies provide a number of recommendations for improving prison facilities for women.

How They Are Different Numerous studies have addressed the issues of women in prisons, including their special health needs and how they differ from women’s prisons. Although some issues and findings do vary, the similarities of the two studies as well as their recommendations mirror each other in many areas. Interestingly, the first recommendation of both studies involves what is termed “human rights.” The studies indicate that human rights should be the “underpinning,” according to the WHO report, of all policies and conditions for women in prisons.

Doing time is no picnic, but these gorgeous prisoners are hoping to pass the hours away corresponding with friends on the outside. Many of these women are incarcerated for very, very serious crimes, including murder, so keep that in mind.This is because of the health risks involved in housing a growing population, especially a female population, in increasingly overcrowded prison facilities.Additionally, newer cleaning systems such as the spray-and-vac system have proven to improve worker productivity, which can be a cost savings.Although the statistics can vary, approximately 2.5 million people are incarcerated in U. Also of note, the same study reports that the female population in prison has risen an astonishing 757 percent from 1977 to 2005.Most experts believe the massive increase is the result of tougher sentencing laws and a record numbers of drug offenders.

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