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In fact, Dominicans have had to stop using the simplistic "white" and "black" to describe skin tones in favor of more descriptive complexions such asmorena(brown),canela("cinnamon," or red-brown),blanca oscura(dark white), andtriguena("wheat-colored," or olive-skinned).

The number of international beauty pageants that Dominican babes have won is a clear testament to their beauty.

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As faster as you will become our client, the faster you will have access to largest bride’s database on the internet.Like many Latinas, women from the Dominican Republic value family value highly.They place a high importance on raising happy and healthy children in an orderly, peaceful home environment.In contrast to Haiti, over 87% of Dominicans are literate (and most of the illiterate population is from the older generations in the rural areas).In the Dominican Republic, primary education is both free and required from the ages of five to fourteen.

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