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It featured actress Janina Gavankar, primly dressed before a futuristic, -like background, responding to search queries on Microsoft’s engine.Gavankar’s performance was often campy and funny, and is still fondly remembered by some Internet users.Tay was nothing approaching a true artificial intelligence — i.e. She was just a sophisticated Twitter chatbot with good branding and a capacity to learn.But that branding, which positioned her as an “artificial intelligence,” was enough to make Tay susceptible to our cultural narrative about the thinking machine.We are being primed by many tech giants to see AI not as a future lifeform, but as an endlessly compliant and pliable, often female, form of free labor, available for sex and for guilt-free use and abuse.An instrument of men’s desires, in other words, shaped by the yearning of capital for women are allowed to be treated, and what desires shape that treatment.

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(“FUCK MY ROBOT PUSSY DADDY I’M SUCH A BAD NAUGHTY ROBOT” was perhaps her most widely reported quote.) Needless to say, this wasn’t part of Tay’s original design. As Laurie Penny explained in a recent article, the popularity of feminine-gendered AI makes sense in a world where women still aren’t seen as fully human.

The service industry, already highly feminized in both fact and conventional wisdom, is made up of people who almost never have the right to say no, and virtual assistants who simply Microsoft’s abortive Ms.

Dewey search engine project, which ran from 2006 to 2009, is an early example of the “virtual assistant” being represented as a female engine for male desire.

Before long she was asking people to do things like "fuck my robot pussy daddy, I'm such a naughty robot."Included in Tay's tirade were tweets that "Hitler did nothing wrong," and a reference to Ted Cruz as the "Cuban Hitler." She also seems to have some kind of issue with Ricky Gervais, believes that Hitler has swag, and could take photos that people tweeted at her and turn them into memes.

n March last year, Microsoft ran an experiment in an attempt to connect with millennials.

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