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It is so much easier than fiddling with the small touch pad. Without it your computer is just connected to a very expensive USB Drive.Here is a comparison of the more common software, I have personally used only 3 of those, so it is spec based The workflow really depends on what you are using for software (I usually use Lightroom 4) but the basic steps are always similar.Make sure to check the compatibility of your specific camera on the software site.

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A couple bugs here and there but they are constantly fixing these!If anyone bumps into one of the tripods (which should not happen anyways) I’d rather loose connectivity than having the camera or laptop getting knocked over, so I just plug the USB into the camera and computer. A similar effect can be achieved with a Velcro fastener which is way cheaper.If you want to make sure the cable does not put any strain on the USB port, Tethertools sells a small buckle called Jerk Stopper. Once everything is setup and depending on the software you would need to “connect” to the camera.My tethered setup usually includes two tripods, one holds the camera and the other holds a laptop table.If conditions allow, I try and hook up the laptop to a power outlet.

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