Scandinavian dating introduction

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The colorful stories will be shared from years of owning, operating or working in family-owned Swedish Bakeries in Jamestown.Come to hear these popular story tellers discuss their rich and humorous experiences in Jamestown's Swedish bakeries in the past, as well as in today's world.Join us for a travel through time and space as we explore the many castles and fortresses throughout the Swedish kingdom.

This is an introductory level sampling of Swedish greetings, common phrases and everyday vocabulary presented in an informal and interactive session that will have participants feeling and sounding Swedish!

Men's and women's folkdrakt clearly identified their residential area and their social class.

There will be consideration of how to research your own ancestral folkdrakt and begin to assemble your own folk costume.

Photos of their homeland in Sweden will be compared to the local area.

The presentation is based on extensive research both in Sweden and the United States.

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