Uiprogressview not updating

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We then use a new block to set the progress of the progress view.

The result is that the progress bar is updated once per second, moving 1/10 of the way each time.

(And this is also easy to find memory leak when that Detail VC not dealloc) I change this to more "modern" way, remove some old code such as to show the usage of progress block.

To say, that image View layout is based on Autoresizing which is not so "modern".

Code App delegate.m You just create a view Controller and than setup it's slider value?

And what about the view and view Controller initialization process?

It has been implemented using the Core Graphics framework without any images.

Detailed VC should be created and then push, pop and then dealloc.

Or there will be massive states to maintain and it's not easy to do for real application.

I have started playing with UIProgress View in i OS5, but havent really had luck with it. I have set of sequential actions, after each i update progress.

Problem is, progress view is not updated little by little but only after all have finished.

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