Updating svn

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Please refer to XCode Continuous Integration Guide @ https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/IDEs/Conceptual/xcode_guide-continuous_integration/000-About_Continuous_Integration/about_continuous_I hope I got the right info for you.

Trac (trac-admin) and svn post-commit hook New to SVN: How to add users and assign rights?

Now the trick is merging the current revision and the one you want to get back to: lets say the revision number you want to get back is 7865 5.

do svn merge full/path/to/repository/svnrepos/[email protected] full/path/to/repository/svn/repos/[email protected] This would update your local, which was up-to-date, to the one from 7865. svn commit -m ‘Reverting back to old revision’ ZAT is IT!!

Now, maybe you want specific read-only working copies to get updated automatically, like on a build server or something.

Try running your repo on a separate site with its own subdomain, ie svn.username.webfactional.com, and let us know if that helps. My XCode 5 is not showing any svn working copy updates or statuses.You may switch off some minor features in order to improve performance of team menu and decoration for large projects.At the same time you may switch off SVN status cache in order to save lots of memory for very large projects, but please note that disabling of the SVN cache definitely decreases performance.A DVCS like Mercurial or git (or Fossil or Bazaar or veracity or...) will allow you to pull in changes without merging (and without seeing them in your working copy yet), on those systems it COULD make sense to automatically push changes, but SVN combines the pull with the update so especially in SVN such an automatic update would be a bad idea.I'll note that version control systems with a "lock, edit, unlock" paradigm actually can work well with an automatic update system. But modern systems are almost always "copy, edit, merge" and therefore do not lend themselves to an automatic update system, since multiple people can work on the same file.

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